Veeam reports good year in APAC

Regional virtualisation adoption said to prompt growth

Virtualisation backup and replication provider Veeam Software, says it has experienced strong year on year growth results for APAC.

In a statement, the company suggests that annual bookings revenue for 2012 grew at a faster pace in New Zealand than in other parts of the region.

The company saw a 69 percent increase in total revenue bookings in the full year 2012 in New Zealand, with new license revenue bookings growing by 52 percent over that time. The company states that it saw a particularly strong fourth quarter in New Zealand, increasing total revenues by 102 percent..

By comparison, annual bookings for the entire APAC region grew 67 percent.

The company did not release numbers to gauge the scale of the growth. According to the statement, Veeam's "accelerating cloud business" was a key driver.

From the editors: Are you doing business in backup and replication in virtualised environments? Do you sell Veeam? What's been your experience in this line of business? Have your say in the comments below.

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