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Partners mum on IBM outage

Partners mum on IBM outage

Big Blue said to be discussing business impact with partners

If the major outage at IBM's Auckland datacentre from February 18 to February 20 had an impact on resellers' business, they're not saying much about it.

The Virtual Server Services environment was down for over 48 hours and IBM could not, at the time, give an explanation about what had gone wrong.

An undisclosded number of IBM partners use the facility and were badly impacted by the outage, but attemps from Reseller News to find out exactly what kind of impact it had had on business were met with silence.

Gary Langford, Eagle Technology CEO, told Computerworld that the outage had caused the company "quite a bit of sleeplessness".

"Twenty-five of our clients were at Highbrook," he said. “Once the dust has settled, we’re going to have a need to understand what went wrong.”

So when will the dust settle? According to Langford, the company is still in ongoing discussions with IBM to figure out the real consequences of the outage.

A spokesperson for Certus Solutions declined to comment on the impact of the outage because "it is a bit too far in the past" and "in the case of a local datacentre outage, we would leave it up to IBM to comment".

The $80 million datacentre opened in May 2011 to provide cloud services to major IBM clients.

An IBM spokesperson told Reseller News that the company's "forensic team conducted a thorough review following the outage" and "can confirm there was a hardware fault involving a storage unit used by New Zealand Virtual Server Services". "IBM is committed to continuing to provide high quality service to our New Zealand clients," the spokesperson added.

Were you affected by the IBM datacentre outage? Let us know in the comments.

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