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Oki Data and Toshiba team up

Oki Data and Toshiba team up

Partnership between the two vendors leads to new multifunction products

Oki Data and Toshiba Tec have announced the first range of multifunction products (MFPs) that incorporates technologies from both vendors. The new A4 and A3 Colour MFPs are designed specifically for business printing and will be available globally, with the companies targeting sales of 30 000 units worldwide over the coming year.   “A key part of the agreement was the use of the Digital LED print engine. For years, these have powered Oki devices, playing a central role in their key selling points: speed and reliability," says Paul Francois, Oki product manager at Comworth.   The new MFPs are equipped with Toshiba Tec's Open Platform controller technology, which enables systems integrators to develop additional solutions to enhance workflow integration.

While single-function printers continue to fulfil specific roles within business, Francois says the drive towards more efficient and lower-cost printing is supporting demand for the wider use of MFPs across all sizes of business. The company expects demand for A4 colour MFPs in the global market to expand by approximately 10 percent year-on-year.   “Customers want print control, document management and easy integration of these devices into their environment. These new high performance Oki colour MFPs are designed to meet these specifications and are ideal for the mid to large workgroup segment,” he adds. “Additionally, providers of Managed Print Services will find the new devices an ideal platform for winning new clients. The reliability and longevity associated with the digital LED print engine, combined with Toshiba Tec’s Open Platform technology, makes this range an ideal platform for the provision of cost-effective ‘pay per print’ services.”   The products are expected to reach the APAC region by the second half of 2013. Comworth will distribute the devices as part of the Oki lineup for which it holds the sole New Zealand agency.

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IN PICTURES: The most destructive viruses of all time

IN PICTURES: The most destructive viruses of all time

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IN PICTURES: The most destructive viruses of all time
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