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Certus announces restructure

Certus announces restructure

Company splits management of Business Analytics and Information Management

Certus Solutions has restructured its business, splitting the management of two lines - Business Analytics (BA) and Information Management (IM). According to the company, this is the result of "significant growth" in both areas. “These changes have been designed to adapt to the rapidly changing market dynamics and the growing solution portfolio IBM provides in both Business Analytics and Information Management," says Tom Reich, Certus general manager - Information Management and Business Analytics. Certus has appointed Julien Redmond as general manager, Information Management, and Dannielle Nguyen as general manager for the Business Analytics side of the company. “Though Information Management and Business Analytics do often go hand in hand, they now need to be managed as two very distinct offerings due to their increasing complexity. Analytics isn’t just about business intelligence, reporting and analysis for finance, operations and sales functions any more. For example, we are now providing predictive and social analytics for marketing departments,” says Reich.

“Information Management is no longer just data warehousing and data management. Now it’s all about big data and information governance as well as data quality,” he adds. “Appointing two specialists, with great track records, and their fingers on the pulse, is an important move. It will ensure both divisions have the required management, planning and execution experience for their continued growth and success, under the expert stewardship of Tom Reich," says Certus CEO Brian Allen.

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